By: Dan Carington

Hello members and readers, spring is here! It is time for a little spring cleaning and reviewing our membership status by logging into Society website at Sign in and confirm your yearly membership dues are up to date. Please remember that Society only allows you 6 months grace period to pay your dues. Once that 6 month has passed you are dropped from their data base, thus you will need to start all over again, losing any years you have accumulated over the years. Let's avoid that and bring our account up to date and enjoy the next year or 3 year worry free about our account.

Student membership has spiked somewhat since January 2017, great job Yuka Narisako! Students that have been out of school in the last 6 month are eligible to take advantage of the SmartStart Program. What is the SmartStart program? Simply put, it’s the best way for ASHRAE student members to receive the many benefits of Associate grade membership after finishing college. SmartStart is a 3 year program that allows Student members to transfer to Associate grade membership at a rate that is recent-graduate friendly with the payment structure.

SmartStart participants dues structure is based on a 3 years respectively, $20 (+) $72 (+) $102 = $194 for 3 years. If you know any Students that have graduated and in the job market, have them join ASHRAE and they will appreciate the networking opportunities they will make alongside the experience that comes with it.

Please help me welcome our latest new members since our March newsletter by giving them a warm welcome;

Ms Donna Thibodeau    Mr Greg Peterson          Ms Claire O’Reilly          Shawn A Hoskins

Mr Ryan Timothy Doak  Ms Sophia Nitkey          Mr Bernard Sidze           Mr Ameya Ulhas Ghodke

Mr Xiangru Wang           Mr Stephen Froese        Mr Daniel Kevin DeVaux           

Welcome, we are so looking forward to seeing you all at our next Boston ASHRAE meeting or event. Any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me at 

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