By: Deanna Adkison

Hello everyone, I am excited to be welcoming you back to another year of ASHRAE!

Our past president, Mark Leonard, lead us through some very difficult times closing out the end of last year and I intend to pick up where he left off and keep moving with strength through this upcoming season. We owe him our gratitude in starting some meaningful initiatives within the chapter organization and taking charge in ensuring we dealt with the uncontrollable circumstances that came up in the spring. Thank you, Mark, for all your hard work and dedication!

As president this year, I intend to make sure that you continue receiving the same quality of technical presentations that you have become accustomed to at our monthly meetings. During our planning meeting it was decided that all our upcoming technical sessions and main meetings will be held virtually through GoToWebinar until 2021. At that point, we will reevaluate and plan according to the current guidelines to see if in person meetings are an option at that time. We are holding dates at our usual meeting locations for the 2021 meetings in hopes of meeting in person again at some point this year. Thank you to all the hard working volunteers that have been coordinating behind the scenes throughout the summer to make sure we were able to start right away in September with our first virtual meeting. Please make sure to register and do not hesitate to ask me, or any of our other volunteers, any questions you might have about the upcoming year.

The Chapters Regional Conference (CRC) for Region 1 was held virtually this year August 13-15. Although it lacked the very social environment we are used to, the virtual meetings were well attended, and it was good to reconnect with many of the other chapter’s volunteers. We are always looking for new volunteers within the Boston Chapter, please reach out to me if you would like to get involved. We have another strong and supportive group this year that I believe will continue to make Boston a very successful chapter.

I hope to “see” you all at our first virtual meeting on September 15th via GoToWebinar. We have excellent topics on Large Passive House Building and Building Investigations Using Thermal Imaging Cameras. Read the previous page for more info on these upcoming presentations. Registration will be done online through the link on the previous two pages of this newsletter.

Please email me at or contact any of the volunteers with questions, concerns, or suggestions to help improve our chapter.

With gratitude,

Deanna Adkison, ASHRAE Boston Chapter President

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