Technical Seminars

3:00pm - 4:00pm

Passive House Building Standard

Mike Woolsey / Swegon

Regis Room

Passive House projects have very specific ventilation requirements, offering both challenges and opportunities. This course intends to train specifiers on the benefits and limitations of Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV) used on Passive House certified projects.

Code Compliance for Fire Rated Ducts & Enclosures

Joe Hauf / Conquest Firespray

Essex Room

Many types of fire-resistive rated ventilation duct products are considered to achieve code compliance including;  blankets, wraps, or batts that are applied directly to duct work, along with coated ducts and other manufactured duct assemblies.

In order to understand the product limitations, it is important to understand how different products achieve their fire resistance capabilities. So among other things, attendees will learn the basics for proper application of fire-resistive rated duct and enclosure assemblies’ listings and approvals for compliance with the “symmetry testing” and “continuity” requirements from the ICC and NFPA.  All products may be applied within limitations of their approvals and/or listings. The instructor of this seminar will describe how to properly apply products and review common pitfalls relating to the varied compliance approaches for the fire resistive protection of HVAC systems.  Particular focus is applied to life safety ventilation applications, such as stairwell and elevator shaft pressurization systems, Building Code Chapters 7 and 9, Mechanical Code Chapter 6, along with relevant referenced UL and ASTM test standards.

Cold Climate VRF  Heat Pump Design

Greg Hosselbarth /  Mitsubishi

Cailey Room

The agenda of the presentation is to discuss the use of Air Source Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Heat Pumps as the primary source of heat in Cold Climate applications. We will discuss VRF Technology heating capabilities, Design challenges in the New England Area, and solutions for these challenges that include Cold Climate Technology, Design best practices, accessories, and efficiency considerations.

Designing Steam Systems & Their Components

Mark Ehrenzeller / Frank I. Rounds

Mediterranean Room

The presentation is meant to review heavy commercial / industrial steam boiler room components, and spark discussion around boiler / system efficiencies as well as water level safety.

5:00pm - 6:00pm

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